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Nandita Natarajan

Head of Academy:

Therapeutic Singing
Are you seeking a way to unlock your voice and express yourself freely? Explore Therapeutic Singing, a transformative approach that harnesses the power of the voice for healing.
Tailored to all ages, this method, derived from music therapy, provides a nurturing space to express emotions, release tension, and regain a sense of security during life’s challenging moments.
Our one-on-one therapeutic singing sessions are designed for individuals and singers experiencing vocal blockages. Therapeutic Singing engages the entire body, using voice and breath to release emotional traumas and emotions that have become trapped in the voice.
This process aids in overcoming artistic and emotional blocages, finding grounding, letting go, and freeing the voice. By alleviating anxiety and depression that may stem from these wounds, therapeutic singing facilitates self-reconnection.
At Singing Tree Vocal Academy, each individual is welcomed with respect and understanding. Let music and your voice serve as guides on your journey toward healing and personal transformation.

Vocal Rehabilitation
Our vocal rehabilitation sessions aim to assist singers in overcoming challenges associated with vocal pathologies.
Whether you’ve experienced an accident, a stroke, or suffer from vocal nodules, our team is here to help you regain your singing voice. We also provide support for children with language delays or developmental disorders such as autism or stuttering.
Within a supportive and nuturing environment, we work together to restore and strengthen your vocal health. Vocal rehabilitation is a crucial complement to other medical treatments provided by speech therapists or phoniatricians.
Regain optimal use of your voice, and express yourself with ease and confidence. We are dedicated to helping you rediscover the joy of singing and regain full control of your voice.

Practical Information:
Schedule: By appointment only. Schedule to be arranged with the singing therapist (excluding school holidays). Please contact us to discuss the most suitable accompaniment for you.
We welcome inquiries throughout the year.
Duration: 1-hour session
Languages: Sessions can be conducted in English or French.

From 6 years old

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Studio de Création C11  
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