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Studio de Création C11 : rue Louis-Auguste
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Nandita Natarajan


From vocal technique to stage expression, Singing Tree Vocal Academy offers singing lessons tailored to all levels and styles for children and teenagers aged 7 to 18.
Our private singing lessons allow students to explore their voices, refine their vocal technique, and develop breath control in an engaging manner.
Through a diverse repertoire, students discover their vocal potential and expressive skills. The repertoire is selected with the singing teacher ensuring a personalized musical experience. Private lessons are led by professionals singers active on both national and international stages.
Our one-to-one coaching lessons are a stepping stone for young talents aspiring to a professional career or aiming to audition for televised shows. We also prepare students for entrance exams to music conservatories in Switzerland and abroad.

Schedule: To be arranged with the instructor (student’s slot is reserved for the entire academic year, usually on the same day at the same time).
Duration: 45 minutes or 1 hour per week.
Language of Instruction: Lessons can be conducted in French or English.
Course Resumes: September 2, 2024.
Lessons are held weekly from September to the end of June (excluding school holidays).
We accept enrollments throughout the year.

Vocal Technique: Breath control, posture, and support; vocal projection, registers, and pitch.
Interpretation: Intonation, phrasing, staging, understanding the composer’s aesthetic choices; enhancing expression, diction, style, nuances, and modulations.
Musicality: Refining sens of rhythm and listening skills.
Vocal Identity: Refining vocal style and identity; bridging the spoken and the singing voice; offering guidance on repertoire selection.

FROM 7 TO 18​



Studio de Création C11  
Rue Louis-Auguste Curtat 11
CH – 1005 Lausanne

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