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Singing Tree Vocal Academy goes beyond traditional music schools. Immerse yourself in our universe of musical excellence, specializing in singing and advanced vocal technique. Whether you are 4 or 77 years old, our diverse range of courses, workshops, and masterclasses accompanies you throughout the year towards your full vocal potential.


Our courses

Discover our courses designed to meet all your vocal needs. Whether you want to refine your vocal technique, discover new styles, or explore your creativity, we have what you need.


Registrations for September are open!


Open to all styles and levels:

Join our classes and choirs from age 4, and hone your musical talent from Lausanne, Zurich, or Paris.

Pop, jazz, rap singers

Refine your style and explore new musical horizons.

Musical theatre singers, opera singers, and choristers

Develop your vocal technique and stage presence.

Professional singers

Tailored programs to refine your vocal technique and maintain optimal vocal performance.

Singers in vocal rehabilitation

Rediscover your voice and explore new possibilities after an injury or an operation.


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A passion for the singing voice

Our courses promote healthy and progressive vocal practice, without constraint. Inspired by Elizabeth Sombart’s Resonance Pedagogy, our methodology integrates over 30 years of scientific research. Whether you are a classical singer or a pop artist, our academy emphasizes the fundamentals of classical vocal technique in all our classes to preserve our students’ vocal health.

A holistic vocal approach

Adaptés à chaque individu, nos cours favorisent une pratique vocale saine et progressive, sans contrainte. Inspirée de la Pédagogie Résonnance d’Elizabeth Sombart, notre méthodologie novatrice intègre plus de 30 ans de recherche scientifique. Que vous préfériez le chant classique ou les musiques actuelles, notre académie privilégie les fondamentaux du chant classique pour préserver la santé vocale de nos élèves.

Book your trial lesson

Discover your vocal potential by booking a trial lesson with us. If you can’t find availability, contact us to arrange an appointment with one our teachers.

Nandita Natarajan

Nandita Natarajan works in Paris (Studio Luna Rossa, 24 rue Primo Levi, 75013), in Lausanne (11, rue Curtat, 1005), and in Zurich (Opera Academy, Bucheggstrasse 4CH-8057) with many singers of all levels by appointment. To contact Nandita Natarajan, write to her assistant Linda:

A word from

Nandita Natarajan, the founder

I would like to express my gratitude to you, magnificent artists, for your trust and support. It is an honour for me to have had the opportunity to know you personally and to accompany you on your artistic journey.

The creation of the Singing Tree Vocal Academy represents the realization of a long-held dream. This project is the result of a long personal, artistic, and spiritual journey, as well as many years of work, stage practice, and research.

I founded the Singing Tree Vocal Academy to make the art of singing and the performing arts accessible to all, regardless of your history, age, culture, social or religious background, or even personal challenges you may encounter.

Music belongs to all human beings, and it is never too late to realize our dreams and fulfil our calling. The art of singing is an extraordinary human adventure, a powerful tool of personal transformation, awakening and expansion of our consciousness which allows us to rediscover our inner light.

By embodying our voice, we affirm our identity and take our rightful place. In these troubled times, artists are healers of the soul, and we need you more than ever.

If you are reading these words on our page, know that I do not believe in coincidence, but rather in fated appointments.


Our students talk about us

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