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Nandita Natarajan

Head of Academy:

Our online private singing lessons/vocal coaching lessons are accessible from anywhere via Zoom. Our weekly lessons will allow you to refine your vocal skills with a professional vocal coach from the comfort of your home.
Taking online vocal coaching offers great flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. The benefits of online learning include, optimized organization, and the ability to record sessions for personalized follow-up.
You don’t need sophisticated equipment – just a computer, a camera, headphones with a microphone, and a good internet connection.

Highlights of our program include:
Vocal Warm-up and Technique: Breath control, posture, and support; vocal projection, registers, and pitch.
Interpretation: Intonation, phrasing, stage presence, understanding the composer’s aesthetic choices; enhancing expression, diction, style, nuances, and modulations.
Musicality: Developing rhythm and listening skills.
Vocal Identity: Refining vocal style and identity; bridging the spoken and the singing voice; offering guidance on repertoire selection.

Practical Information:
Schedule: To be arranged with the teacher (student’s slot reserved for the entire academic year, usually on the same day at the same time).
We also offer flexible options (5x or 10x lessons package) to be used within the year.
Duration: 45 minutes or 1 hour per week.
Language of Instruction: Lessons can be conducted in English or French.
Course Resumes: September 2, 2024.
Lessons are held weekly from September to the end of June (excluding school holidays).
Academic Year Start: September 2, 2024.
We accept enrollments throughout the year.

From 7 years old

All styles, all levels



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