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We provide tailored singing lessons for all ages and all levels, from children to adults, including juniors and teenagers. Our workshops are custom-tailored to meet each student’s vocal needs, ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding experience throughout the year.

Come join our dynamic group signing lessons, personalized one-on-one lessons or our masterclasses led by our team of passionate teachers.


Whether you are beginner or an experienced singer, Singing Tree Vocal Academy offers classes and workshops for every level!

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"We are natural artists, but we can only truly become one through hard work and dedication to our artistry."
Nandita Natarajan
Nandita Natarajan
Founder of Singing Tree Vocal Academy

The Values of Singing Tree Vocal Academy

Music is the mirror in which every human being can rediscover their nobility; it belongs to all in our most subtle and authentic essence.
Elizabeth Sombart

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Authenticity lies at the heart of all we do at Singing Tree Vocal Academy. It is a conscious and deliberate choice to embark on a truth-seeking journey through our artistry. We encourage you to embrace and express your unique self through music.


Creativity fuels every artist’s soul. Creativity is the force that drives expression and innovation. We understand the significance of a nurturing, supportive, and stimulating environment for unlocking your artistic potential. Our encouraging and inspiring atmosphere provides the freedom to explore your voice and unleash your creativity.


Singing Tree Vocal Academy is a vibrant community. Passion, kindness, and positivity drive our shared artistic journey. Each student contributes to the growth our community by his or her unique talent and personality.


Commitment and discipline are the cornerstones of our approach. Achieving artistic excellence requires dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination. At Singing Tree Vocal Academy, every performance is an opportunity to challenge oneself and strive for greatness.


Achieving your artistic dreams requires setting clear objectives. At Singing Tree, we take pride in guiding numerous young singers towards success in their artistic career. Our students have appeared on television at national and international levels, signed with recording labels or have been accepted into renowned music schools in Switzerland and abroad.

"We have the privilege of nurturing singers with extraordinary potential! Our role is to guide them in achieving their dreams and to provide them with all the tools they need to blossom and shine."
Nandita Natarajan
Nandita Natarajan
Founder of Singing Tree Vocal Academy

The Founder: Nandita Natarajan

Born in Geneva, Nandita Natarajan was discovered at the age of 12 on Swiss National Television, captivating the audience with her moving interpretation of “J’veux pas choisir”.

She signed her first recording contract with Swiss producer Alain Morisod at age fourteen, launching her musical career in Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada, laying the foundation for a remarkable rise in the music industry.
At sixteen, she toured across Switzerland, Paris, and London. She is then discovered in France in 2002 with her rendition of “Lettre à France”, earning the Jean Ferrat Award for Best Foreign Performer and winning the French song Award. She was then invited to perform alongside Nana Mouskouri, Herbert Léonard, and Hugues Aufray.

The pivotal moment in her career arrived in 2004 when Nandita represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest selections with her song “Le Monde Danse”, clinching the third place. This experience marked the dawn of a new chapter for Nandita, who resolved to further her artistic journey in Paris and London, immersing herself in the demanding realms of musical theater and opera.

In Paris, she honed her craft at CHOREIA under the guidance of Pierre-Yves Duchesne, perfecting her stage presence and gracing iconic roles such as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera, Diane La Chasseresse in Jacques Dombrowski’s Le Collectionneur, Maria in the musical West Side Story, and many others. She then continued to perform in London, where she studied at Trinity College of Music in the masterclasses of Hazel Wood’s. She sung with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Anglia Ruskin Philharmonic Orchestra. She also appeared as a dramatic soprano in operas such as The Cunning Little Vixen from Leoš Janáček’s, The Merry Widow from Franz Lehár’s, La Vie Parisienne from Offenbach’s and The Gypsy Baron from Strauss’s. She then joins Walt Disney Studios in 2024.

Nandita Natarajan has acquired a unique stage experience that she has been teaching to the young generations since 2009. Since 2018, Nandita Natarajan has been directing children’s shows (The Sounds of Music, Little Night Music, The Secret Garden, Matilda) and coached young singers on television shows such as Incroyable Talent (M6), Prodiges (France Télévision), The Voice kids (M6), Eurovision Kids (European Broadcasting Union) as well as directed full production such as Mary Poppins and Peter Pan.

Nandita returned to Switzerland in 2018 with a bold vision: to create a space where talents could flourish and realize their full potential. In 2020, she founded Singing Tree Vocal Academy aiming to provide Swiss singers with innovative high-level music education.


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