Private singing lessons

From 7 years old


Private Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching

Our private singing lessons and vocal coaching provide personalized attention tailored to your unique voice. 
Wether you’re stepping into the world of singing or seasoned performer, the Singing Tree education is designed to swiftly enhance your technique, refine your pitch, and interpretation, and assert your artistic identity. 
Lessons delve into vocal technique (alignment, projection, range), breath control, body grounding richness, and sound clarity, as well as stage presence and interpretation.
Our lessons embrace all musical styles, from opera to musical theatre to contemporary music. We welcome participants of all ages, from children to adults, and all skill levels, including professionals.
We meticulously curate repertoire to match each student’s technical needs and the demands of the chosen musical genre, ensuring our instruction seamlessly aligns with your artistic aspirations.


Experience our private singing lessons / vocal coaching and guidance by booking your trial session. If you wish to continue after this experience, we will work together to determine the best program.



Singing lessons & vocal coaching for children & teens

– Unleash your musical potential from childhood.

– Tailored private lessons for young singers, beginners or experienced, from all musical backgrounds, starting at 7 years old.

– Explore your voice in a welcoming and dynamic environment, fostering the blossoming of your creative and artistic expression.

Singing lessons and vocal coaching for adults

– Elevate your music career with professional support.

– Unlock your vocal potential! All styles, all levels, from amateur to professional singers.

– Our singing lessons and vocal coaching guide you through the complete exploration of your voice, from vocal projection to mastering your breath and the authenticity of your interpretation.

– Full express your talent with our video conference lessons.

– Our online classes offer you total flexibility to explore your voice, in a welcoming environment that stimulates creativity and artistic expression.

  • Our sessions provide a safe space for you to assert yourself through your voice, and heal from vocal traumas or pathologies (such a stroke, vocal cord rupture, etc…).

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